“We’re building on a bunch of decisions that come from everybody.

We’re a big team. It’s really a good feeling to know that you have been a

part of something that’s seen and appreciated by so many people.” 



Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride – show designer and scenic artist, with Ken Anderson  1955
Fantasyland dark ride load area murals – with Ken Anderson  1955
Space Station X-1 – scenic artist, with Peter Ellenshaw 1955

Project Show Designer
Rainbow Caverns  1956
Alice in Wonderland  1958
Grand Canyon Diorama  1958
Submarine Voyage  1959
Primeval World  1966
Pirates of the Caribbean  1967
Adventure Thru Inner Space  1967
The Haunted Mansion  1969

1964-65 New York World’s Fair

Ford Pavilion’s Magic Skyway – project show designer
General Electric’s Carousel of Progress – concept and design collaboration
Pepsi Cola’s It’s a Small World – concept and design collaboration

Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom  1971

Exterior architectural design of Dutch Gothic Haunted Mansion  
Mickey Mouse Revue – concept and design collaboration
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Submarine Voyage – project show designer
Snow White’s Scary Adventures – project show designer
If You Had Wings – project show designer -- 1972

EPCOT Center  1982

Future World
Universe of Energy – project show designer
World of Motion, Spaceship Earth, The Land – initial concepts and designs
Horizons – 1983 – initial concepts and designs

World Showcase
Themed architecture and show designs for several nations

Tokyo Disneyland – 1983

Meet the World – project show designer
It’s a Small World – show design supervision based on previous versions
Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour – project show designer – 1986

Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum  -- 1986  (Located in Griffith Park, Los Angeles, now called Autry Museum of the American West)  Museum layout design and exhibit concepts

Disneyland Paris – 1992
Main Entrance Plaza – initial design concepts


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